Bubble Toes Guitar Lesson

Bubble Toes Guitar Lesson

Jack Johnson is one of the world's most popular acoustic guitar singer-songwriters, hailing from the beautiful island of Hawaiian. A keen surfer Johnson had a serious accidence during his first appearance at the Pipeline Masters surf competition resulting in 150 stitches in his forehead and the removal of a few of his teeth - later became the inspiration for the song Drink the Water. During his hospitalisation Johnson started writing songs on his acoustic guitar leading to him recording Brushfire Fairytales where Bubble Toes appears as a track!


Here is the lesson tab included below*:


Bubble Toes Online Guitar Lesson


Bubble Toes Verse


Bubble Toes Riff


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I was a fairly new guitarist when I went to Hawi. Hawi got me play the music I liked, giving me confidence in my playing, coupled with the fact that you will be learning from one of the premier guitarists in the country. - Dean, Essex