Foo Fighters Studio 606

Foo Fighters Studio 606

Dave & Taylor give us a tour of Foo Fighter's own studio, Studio 606! Littered with platinum records and guitar equipment the studio is a dream facility for any guitarist! Recorded just before the release of their sixth studio album, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, Taylor and Dave walk us through where they call work.

Steeped in rock history, from Nirvana's drum kits to Foo's latest records, Studio 606 is one of the most amazing recording studios on the planet! Indeed, it is amazing to see the equipment that they have stashed away around the complex - not to mention the wall of records noting Foo Fighters & other musical achievements by Grohl. With the more recent release of "Sound City", a film by Grohl about the sound board used at Sound City, the recording studio where Nirvana recorded Nevermind, it puts into new light the importance the Grohl places on the equipment and the surrounding that he records within. I would highly recommend checking that film out as you quickly find out that Sound City had much more history to it than simply Nirvana!

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