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Guitar Lessons London Blog P2

The second page of blog posts for the Guitar Lessons London Blog...enjoy!

NAMM Round Up

Music Gig

So Sunday marked the end of this year's NAMM show, setting the tone for the rest of the year. For those of the guitar community out there who don’t know about the NAMM show, the National Association of Music Merchants or NAMM, hold a massive event every January in California showcasing the best new musical instruments and gear that the world has to here to read more!

Cracking songs that you have never heard!

Artist Playing a Gig

Here at Guitar Lessons London we love to check out different music and bring you stuff that you probably have never heard! Here a three songs that caught my ears this here to read more!

Bigfoot Engineering Octo Puss Prime

Guitar Pedal Board

This is the latest pedal to come out of Bigfoot Engineering, a UK based pedal manufacturer with a penchant for creating great analogue fuzz and distortion pedals. Like the Thunder Pup, the Octo Puss Prime is another quality here to read more!

Our Favourite Albums of 2013

Old Records

There's only a few days left until the end of 2013, so we're pretty sure there's not going to be any last-minute gems released in the next couple of days. 2013 has been a fantastic year for Guitar Lessons here to read more!

Will Indie music survive?

A Record

If you’re an avid NME reader, you’ll be well aware of the magazine’s blatant distress at the situation of guitar-based ‘indie’, ‘alternative’ and ‘rock’ bands in the UK charts. Long gone are the days when they consistently topped the charts: only ten years ago, the likes of Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, The Libertines and Kaiser Chiefs took centre here to read more!

Bigfoot Engineering Thunder Pup

Guitar Equipment

The ‘Thunder Pup’ is Bigfoot Engineering’s new overdrive pedal, fresh off the production line this November. Bigfoot Engineering are a great independent pedal manufacturer and always combine quirky-looking designs with great tone and impeccable here to read more!

The Smiths: 'Not Like Any Other Love'

A Man Holding A Record

It’s no secret that here at Guitar Lessons London, we love The Smiths. Or rather, I love them and Matthew (the boss) begrudgingly puts up with my blissed-out ramblings. For me, they represent the pinnacle of British musical achievement: essentially four lads from the estates of Manchester, in only five years they rose from humble backgrounds to produce, what now is widely considered, the best British guitar music of the here to read more!

Digitech Whammy IV Review

Digitech Whammy Pedal

The Digitech Whammy changed the sound of the electric guitar since its release in 1989, opening up new sonic possibilities in octave and harmonization. Famously the pedal is used by the likes here to read more!

Skrillex Bangarang Review

DJ Board

Noisey review Skrillex's single Bangarang with the help of a some very opinionated music critics! An American artist known also by the off-stage name Sonny Moore rose to fame during 2010 with his catchy dubstep here to read more!

John Frusciante Guitar Rig 2002


John Frusciante is famed for his guitar sound and here we explore the guitar rig Frusciante used during the By The Way era! Frusciante's classic warm yet snappy tones used in By The Way and Can't Stop can be contrasted to the more experimental pedal use seen here to read more!

Matt Bellamy of Muse Guitar Rig 2000


Matt Bellamy has created some of the best lead guitar riffs of the last twenty years (Plug in Baby, Hysteria, Supremacy, Knights of Cydonia etc.) manipulating the sound of his guitar to produce some seriously strange and sonic sounds perfect for Muse's intaspace here to read more!

Kurt Cobain Guitar Rig 1991

Guitar Image

Kurt Cobain's Nevermind era guitar rig was surprisingly sparse, purchasing only a few guitars, pedals and amps with the $287,000 advance from Geffen Records. The album's iconic grunge sound was produce by using a Boss here to read more!

Kings of Leon's Guitar Rig 2009


Kings of Leon guitar tech Nacho Followill takes us through the bands guitar and pedal set up just before they perform in Pittsburgh in 2009! One of the biggest rock bands of the last ten years since rising to fame in the early 2000s Kings of Leon use a dynamic range of effects to create their here to read more!

John Frusciante On Recording Dani California

Guitar on Amp

John Frusciante takes us through the guitar parts and sounds he used to record their multi-double platinum selling single Dani California! Taken from their 2006 album and nineth studio album Stadium Arcadium Frusciante used various effects devices in order to achieve the textures and treatments in the here to read more!

Tom Morello Guitar Rig 2004


Tom Morello, famed for creating a distinctly difference electric guitar sound, amazingly only uses six pedals to do the job! Hired as the DJ within Rage Against The Machine Morello took many of these sounds onto the guitar, producing some wild sounds with his pedals still at "10, as they were when I first left the guitar store" here to read more!

About The Kings of Leon

Lead Guitarist

Named after their beloved grandfather Leon, the three brothers Caleb, Nathan and Jared and cousin Matthew formed Kings of Leon in Nashville, Tennessee at the close of 1999. Inspired by their unusual here to read more!

Signature Guitars: Gimmick or Godsend?

Signature Guitar

Every great guitarist needs a first-rate guitar to match. Fact. Keith Richards has his trusty Fender Tele’, Slash his Gibson Les Paul and Hendrix his upside-down Fender Strat’. Guitars are part and parcel of what makes a guitarist ‘great’, affecting not only their playing style, but also their tone. Take Richards for here to read more!

About John Frusciante The Former Guitarist of Red Hot Chili Peppers

Jazz Guitarist

John Frusciante joined the RHCP when he was only 18 years old after the drug overdosed death of the former guitarist Hillel Slovak. Striving to emulate Slovak's sound Frusciante mixed energetic lead riffs with wacky rhythmic cord progressions as heard on the band's 1989 album, Mother's Milk. here to read more!

In Utero by Nirvana: A comparison between the Litt and Albini Mixes

Recording Equipment

After Nirvana had competed the recording sessions for their third studio album In Utero the feedback from their record company was less than good. "The grown-ups don't like it", Cobain reported, having been told that his songwriting was "not up to par", the sound was "unlistenable", and that there was uncertainty that mainstream radio would welcome the sound of Steve Albini's production. here to read more!

The Rolling Stones: 50 Years of Innovation


So it is a month since the Rolling Stones finished the last leg of their 50 and Counting Tour in Hyde Park, which I was fortunate enough to attend on 6th July. Richards, Jagger and company have been around for half a century and are firmly part of the musical establishment, so it's easy to forget that they were once pioneers at the forefront of British musical here to read more!

Modern Guitar Heroes: The Blues Revisited

Guitar Controls

For the last 50 years, every decade seems to have produced at least a few so called ‘guitar heroes’. The ‘50s had Chuck Berry and B.B King, the ‘60s Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards and Eric Clapton. In the 1970s, Led Zep and The Ramones propelled Jimmy Page and Johnny Ramone to here to read more!

Why is the Stone Roses reunion gigs in Manchester this weekend so significant?

Concert Image

Who are the Stone Roses & why is their reunion gigs in Manchester this weekend so significant? As Ian Brown walked onto the rain sodden stage in Manchester last night in front of 75,000 fans, beginning the Stone Roses first major show in over 16 years, it occurred to me that many younger guitarists might not know the true significance of this epic here to read more!

Famous Bands from London

Vocal Mic

There is no better place than London to look to for inspiration, with some of the biggest rock bands in history having formed in the city. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the most famous bands to have come out of here to read more!

New blink 182 Rockumentary

Documentary Film

Check out the new blink-182 rockumentary showing the bands latest tour for their 2011 album Neighborhoods. The AT&T Rockumentary: On the Road with here to read more!

Music Venus in London

Gig Venues

London is one of the best cities for live music, and here at Guitar Lessons London we have compiled a list of some of the top venues to choose from. No matter what genre you like, from rock to pop, there is something for here to read more!

Jimi Hendrix Woodstock 1969 Guitar Rig

Burning Guitar

Jimi Hendrix's 1969 performance at Woodstock has gone down in rock history as one of the most famous gigs of all time. Hendrix, widely acknowledged as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, guitarist of all time performed at the hight of his here to read more!

Adjusting Your Truss Rod

Guitar Neck

There are roughly two types of guitar owner. Firstly, there are those who are fascinated by tweaking, experimenting and tinkering with their guitar to find out the best pick-up combinations, action, and bridge position etc. And then there are those who are too scared to tamper with their beloved guitar in case they break here to read more!

Recording and Rehearsal Studios in London

Recording Studio

It is always a great moment for us at Guitar Lessons London when our students feel ready to take what they have learned in our guitar lessons further by recording their own music, be it a few guitar riffs, or a whole album. Choosing the right recording studio for you can be tricky, so we have put together a list of some for you to choose here to read more!

Brandon Boyd of Incubus Recording "Warning"

Recording Studios

An amazing Youtube video of Brandon Boyd of the American rock band Incubus recording the vocal track for the song Warning. Warning, taken from their forth studio album Morning here to read more!

Guitar Shops in London

Guitar Shop

Here at Guitar Lessons London we are always being asked by our students which are the best guitar shops London has to offer. Well, to help you find out, here is the low down on London's top guitar stores for all levels of guitarists and all sizes of here to read more!

Foo Fighters Studio 606

Recording Equipment

Dave & Taylor give us a tour of Foo Fighter's own studio, Studio 606! Littered with platinum records and guitar equipment the studio is a dream facility for any here to read more!

Problems Writing Guitar Riffs


When writing guitar riffs by yourself, often alone in your house, they can all sound a little "flat" and uninspiring. Like everything you write is, well, boring! It is such a common problem that musicians have mentioned to me that I thought I would write a short post explaining a few reasons why this here to read more!

Solid State vs Tube Amplifiers (A Very General Introduction)

Guitar Amp

If you’ve just bought an electric guitar, and you haven’t got an amp already, you’ve probably discovered ‘solid state’ and ‘tube’ amplifiers on the internet, got fairly confused and googled ‘what are the differences between solid state and tube amplifiers? here to read more!

Our Favourite New Bands


A count down of some of favourite new underground bands for the here to read more!

Why Everyone Should Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Musical Instruments

The Chinese philosopher Confucius said long ago that music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. Playing a musical instrument has many benefits and can bring joy to you and to everyone around here to read more!

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