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Guitar Lessons London Blog

Here at Guitar Lessons London we are passionate about all aspects of being a guitarist, from reviewing the latest equipment to highlighting some of the best up and coming bands that the UK has to offer. Below are all posts written for the Guitar Lessons London Blog:

Guitar Lessons London

MGR Music Tuition Logo

We are delighted to announce a partnership with one of the UK's leading music teacher databases, the larger team of guitar tutors on who form the Guitar Lessons London teacher community gives greater coverage across here to read more!

Best Guitar To Buy

Electric Guitar

A lot of parents buying their child his or her first guitar think that it should be a nylon strung "classical" guitar. There are plenty of good reasons for choosing a guitar of this style; they are inexpensive, easy on the fingertips and comparatively quiet (to keep the neighbours happy). However, the beginner classical guitar fall downs in many other categories, which ultimately mean it could become a bedroom here to read more!

Wedding Band London

Guitar Slide

Here at Guitar Lessons London we are really excited to announce our new project for 2016! As we work with so many guitar teachers in London who are musicians in their own right, performing in their origional and function bands alongside their music tuition it sparked an idea to create a dedicated website to generate these teachers more gig here to read more!

Nuts About Slide Guitar?

Guitar Slide

If I had to pick type of guitar playing based upon “cool” factor, I think slide guitar would have to be at the top. Whilst there are thousands of guitarist “shred demons” out there, there are only a small number of truly great slide players that have broken into the here to read more!

Plastic Fantastic - ZOOM G1on Review

Guitar Pedal

Guitar players nowadays have it so good when it comes to reasonably priced equipment and instruments. Gone are the days of low price = low quality and gone too are the negative implications of a “Made in China” label. Times are good indeed for the guitar gear here to read more!

Multi Function Guitar Pedals vs Single Stomp Boxes

Guitar Pedal Board

It seems that guitarists simply can’t make their mind up about anything. Like the humbucker vs. single-coil pick-up and tube vs. solid state amp debates, no body can seem to agree on whether guitar pedals that combine different effects or single-function pedals are the here to read more!

Public Access TV

Public Access TV

There’s certainly an aura of mystery surrounding Public Access T.V. With only one song up on Soundcloud, nothing uploaded to YouTube and virtually no online presence, the New Yorkers certainly aren’t wanting to give too much away just here to read more!

Hotone Grass Review

Hotone Grass Review

Size matters. But bigger isn’t always better. Especially when we’re talking about guitar pedals. And the Hotone 'Grass' is just about as small as it gets.Packed into this tiny green here to read more!

Dunlop Fuzz Face Mini FFM1 Silicon Review

Dunlop Fuzz Face Mini FFM1 Silicon Review

Andy from looks over the new Dunlop Silicon Fuzz Face Mini, exploring some of the classic sounds that the Fuzz Face series is renowned for producing. The Fuzz Face itself has hardly changed since its arrival onto guitar pedal boards worldwide in here to read more!

New Music: Nai Harvest

Nai Harvest

For an article misleadingly titled ‘New Music’, Nai Harvest aren’t really that new. They’ve already been around for a couple of years but only now have really managed to make considerable headway into the public’s here to read more!

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Electric & Acoustic Guitar

I cover all styles on both electric and acoustic guitar, enabling my guitar students to learn through the playing the songs that they love. Whether that is rock, pop, jazz, funk, blues, folk or anything in between we can cover it in our lessons. I have taught many beginner students over the years, developing a fantastic course of foundation lessons to enable my students to learn how to play the guitar at a pace that suits them. 

For more advanced guitarists I offer lessons to ensure that you reach that next level on guitar, whether that is improving improvistation, nailing solos or gaining a more rounded approach to playing guitar to a professional standard.

To book your first lesson or simply find out more about my guitar lessons in London send me an email or call 03455 086739.

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I was a fairly new guitarist when I went to Hawi. Hawi got me play the music I liked, giving me confidence in my playing, coupled with the fact that you will be learning from one of the premier guitarists in the country. - Dean, Essex