How To Read Guitar Tablature

Learning how to read guitar tablature is crucial to helping you learn to play guitar! In this lesson you will grasp all the basics you need to know to help you start reading this strange musical language! Thankfully it is not too hard to understand so we will have you reading guitar tab in about 7 minutes time!

Standard TAB stave:

Learn To Read Guitar Tab

TAB Symbols

h = hammer on

p = pull off

/ = slide up

= slide down

b or ^ = bend up

r  or V = release/bend down

x = string mute

* = harmonic

|~~pm~~| = notes below are palm muted

~ = vibrato

WB5 = depress whammy bar prior to playing 5th fret (whammy bar scoop)

5WB = depress whammy bar after 5th fret is played

It is certainly worth memorising the string names, use this rhyme to help:

      • e - EASTER
      • B - BUNNIES
      • G - GET
      • D - DRESSED
      • A - AT
      • E - EASTER

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