Nai Harvest

Nai Harvest

For an article misleadingly titled ‘New Music’, Nai Harvest aren’t really that new. They’ve already been around for a couple of years but only now have really managed to make considerable headway into the public’s gaze. Not that this is really a bad thing. In an Internet age where bands can get recognition instantly after their first release, it’s pretty cool to see a group that have taken time to develop. Their live shows will no doubt have benefitted from their patience because they’ll have a bit more time to refine their product without the stifling pressure of expectation.

The two-piece from Sheffield have labelled themselves as an ‘indie/emo’ band, somewhat courageous in the wake of emo’s rapid fashion fall-out. To the younger listener, ‘Emo’ is maybe a bit misleading; there’s no resemblance of My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy here, no wining vocals or black dyed side-fringes, the characteristics that defined ‘emo’ for today’s ‘90s kids. But it’s clear Nai Harvest have drawn more on the legacy of lesser known 90s ‘emo’ bands such as Cap n’ Jazz, Jawbreaker and Sunny Day Real Estate. They stick to the principles that first popularised ‘emo’ in the ‘90s: a good blend of pop tunes and grunge guitars. ‘

WHATEVER’ is their best tune to date. Tempo-wise it’s all over the place, which gives the track a pretty loose sense of structure. The long instrumentals with sudden changes in metre, sporadic drum fills and scant vocals also add a feel of unpredictability, possibly denoting a refreshing approach to song-writing. There is little sense that Nai Harvest are writing with a set formula in mind. Their sound is distinctly American lo-fi, just a drum kit and a guitar, but somehow ‘WHATEVER’ just about manages to sound heavy and aggressive without an excessive use of drop-d or distortion, and the tunes are in fact fairly bright and knotty.

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