Training Your Musical Ear

Training Your Musical Ear

Training your ear is a key part of learning guitar and developing your musicality! Guitarists as recently as the eighties learned by playing along with a radio. Believe it or not Kurt Cobain was one of last great guitarists to do this, having only a handful of guitar lessons in his youth but playing along with the radio constantly!

Nowadays, with guitar tab readily available guitarists often don't spend the necessary time developing their musical ear, something that can really help shape how they write guitar riffs and chord patterns for their own songs as they become more advanced.

In this guitar lesson we are concentrating on the major, minor, major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th chords and their sounds. You can also start 

Major sound - happy sound, bright

Minor sound - sad sound, darker

Major 7th sound - sheen, bright, interesting & more jazzy than the standard major

Minor 7th sound - jazzy sad, more colourful than the standard minor

Dominant 7th sound - twangy, laid back sound, jazzy

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Electric & Acoustic Guitar

I cover all styles on both electric and acoustic guitar, enabling my guitar students to learn through the playing the songs that they love. Whether that is rock, pop, jazz, funk, blues, folk or anything in between we can cover it in our lessons. I have taught many beginner students over the years, developing a fantastic course of foundation lessons to enable my students to learn how to play the guitar at a pace that suits them. 

For more advanced guitarists I offer lessons to ensure that you reach that next level on guitar, whether that is improving improvistation, nailing solos or gaining a more rounded approach to playing guitar to a professional standard.

To book your first lesson or simply find out more about my guitar lessons in London send me an email or call 020 8058 5470.

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I was a fairly new guitarist when I went to Hawi. Hawi got me play the music I liked, giving me confidence in my playing, coupled with the fact that you will be learning from one of the premier guitarists in the country. - Dean, Essex